The Right Fit

Ergonomics for the Workplace                                          (415) 342-2414

A work station is like a shoe. It can be beautiful, expensive and brand new, but if it doesn’t fit, it’s going to cause problems.

At The Right Fit we help you, well, get the right fit. Kathy Michihira has over 10 years experience with on-site ergonomic evaluations from San Francisco to San Jose to Sacramento. She has worked with clients in all kinds of settings from cement trucks, construction sites, restaurants, spas, and of course, office settings. Kathy uses her skills as a physical therapist to look at the individual first and how they work. She then helps them and their employer to adapt the environment and tools around them, to FIT them.

As an employer and customer, you get professional reports with photos and suggestions for appropriate modifications to the work space. The employee gets taught how to better interact with their environment after going through and arranging and fitting the existing workstation to better suit their body and how they work. New equipment is recommended when needed, but is often minimal.


The Right Fit is not an equipment vendor and does not have any external incentive to recommend equipment. When equipment is needed, Kathy tries first to find items already available in the workplace. Where an item is not available, she has a great network of equipment vendors and resources.
Please call or email with questions about how we can help you and your employees. Kathy will answer you personally.





The Right Fit . Ergonomics for the Workplace
3727 Buchanan Street, Suite 206 . San Francisco, CA 94123


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